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Interview with Jorge Bayro:
"Interview with a Revolutionary: A Survivor of a Bolivian Massacre Tells (Almost) All"

Journal of Wild Culture,, 25 June 2016

Essay: "A Madcap Comedy of Garbage and Government"

CounterPunch,, 17 August 2015

Essay: "All about Nationhood: Dispatch from Bolivia"

CounterPunch,, 27 May 2014

Essay: "La Paciente: Bolivia/La cura: Regresar a Potosí"

Los Tiempos,, 24 julio 2014
ˇEn castellano!

Radio: "Bolivia: Donde la Política Es Indígena"

with Jim Williams, KUNM Radio 89.9 FM, Albuquerque NM, August 2007
Public Radio Exchange Syndication, October 2007